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My nonfiction writing has come from exploring loss, the mind-body-illness connection, the culture of place wherever I happen to be, and the natural world. 

Selected essays: 

“The Blue Angel”
 The Ekphrastic World Anthology 2020  (December 17, 2020) 


4 Ways to Rediscover our Authentic Self in the Blue Light Era
 Elephant Journal  (February 27, 2020) 


What to Say to Someone Instead of 'Good Luck'
 Elephant Journal  (January 1, 2020)


“Profile of a French Immersion Student in 1977”
 The French Embassy of the United States, Higher Education, Arts and French Language  (February 2015) 


“Reclaiming your Essence During Illness”
 Touch Journal  (Issue 11, September 2011)  [Print]

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