The Daily Reading: "Someday" a poem by Mary Oliver

Finally, it is raining in Southern California. We are in an in-between time—in between the dark time and the light time, the time between the solstice and the equinox, between deepest night and flowering dawn. This is an unsettling time when it seems anything could happen.

I'm reminded of a poem by Mary Oliver. Enjoy!

"Someday" by Mary Oliver

Even the oldest of trees continues its wonderful labor.

Hummingbird lives in one of them.

He's there for the white blossoms, and the secrecy.

The blossoms could be snow, with a dash of pink.

At first the fruit is small and green and hard.

Everything has dreams, hope, ambition.

If I could I would always live in such shining obedience

where nothing but the wind trims the boughs.

I am sorry for every mistake I have made in my life.

I'm sorry I wasn't wiser sooner.

I'm sorry I ever spoke of myself as lonely.

Oh, love, lay your hands upon me again.

Some of the fruit ripens and is picked and is delicious.

Some of it falls and the ants are delighted.

Some of it hides under the snow and the famished deer are saved.

(Red Bird: Beacon Press: Boston, 2008)

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