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Throwback Thursday from The Ekphrastic Review

During these pre-springtime days in March, when it feels like an in-between time, and the news stays with me as I try to fall asleep, I’m drawn to these choice pieces of ekphrastic writing. They leave me with a longing for colour, sensory awakenings, and a sign that I am alive. They make me think that maybe, cautiously, hope is a good thing.

Salieri, by Carolyn Martin

Carolyn explores the aliveness of listening to music.


And Simply Read, by Wendy T. Carlisle

The pleasure and relief of reading a good book—“Let it fall open of its own accord…”


Nude in the Bath, by Laurel Peterson

Laurel contemplates a painting by Pierre Bonnard and delivers a rich, colourful poem that makes you want to be in the painting.


Fine Art, by Gary Beck

The last lines may surprise you and make you hungry at the same time.


The hue of that portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, by Didi Menendez

This poem could grow into a novel for all the depth Didi has packed into it. Any poem based on a gorgeous painting by Georgia O’Keeffe is fine by me.


Coefficients, by Sholoka Shankar

This poem, inspired by The Unexpected Beauty of Imperfect Things, by the TER’s fearless leader, Lorette C. Luzajic, made me smile and wish I’d written it.


My Life with Mattisse, by Sheila Wellehan

“I require the red of beets, blood, and tomatoes…” Yes, please!

Marjorie Robertson is an essayist, novelist, short story writer and multilinguist. Her first novel, Bitters in the Honey, was a semifinalist in the 2014 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Writing Competition. She is at work on a novel based on research from a University of Chicago residency in Paris. Her other interests include music, sleeping, meeting other ekphrastic writers, and hanging out with her family. To read some of her pubs, see

There are almost seven years worth of writing at The Ekphrastic Review. With daily or more posts of poetry, fiction, and prose for most of that history, we have a wealth of talent to show off. We encourage readers to explore our archives by month and year in the sidebar. Click on a random selection and read through our history. Our occasional Throwback Thursday feature highlights writing from our past, chosen on purpose or chosen randomly. We are grateful that moving forward, Marjorie Robertson wants to share some favourites with us on a regular basis, monthly. With her help, you'll get the chance to discover past contributors, work you missed, or responses to older ekphrastic challenges. Would you like to be a guest editor for a Throwback Thursday? Pick 10 or so favourite or random posts from the archives of The Ekphrastic Review. Use the format you see above: title, name of author, a sentence or two about your choice, or a pull quote line from the poem and story, and the link. Include a bio and if you wish, a note to readers about the Review, your relationship to the journal, ekphrastic writing in general, or any other relevant subject. Put THROWBACK THURSDAYS in the subject line and send to Let's have some fun with this- along with your picks, send a vintage photo of yourself too!

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