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  • Marjorie Robertson

Throwback Thursday from The Ekphrastic Review

Guest Editor Marjorie Robertson

Reading through posts in The Ekphrastic Review archives for this week, I was amazed by the variety of art, writing and writers. Within all that abundance, this month I was most drawn to these photographs and their stories. They remind me of long road trips far from home when the radio became static and the changing landscape put distance between you and your troubles. This week’s Flashback Thursday posts promise us the possibility of reaching another place, once upon a time, in a land far, far away. ** ​ Desert Ruin, by Neil Creighton The power of nature in the desert landscape of South Australia where “the distant mirage shimmers…” ** One Viewer’s Response to Todd Klassy’s 4 Round Bales, by Bill Waters Waters reimagines the blue of Todd Klassy’s photo in the far-flung countryside. ** The Photography of Robert Cadloff (bomobob) Let’s get off the interstate, put the top down, and cruise two-lane highways “looking for remnants of a time when style was so much a part of signage” in this interview with photographer Robert Cadloff. ** Space Station Crew Sees Lots of Clouds, by Marc Alan Di Martino High in the ether “…frosted tufts of clouds make you want to poke your finger in and lick it…”

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