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Throwback Thursday

Updated: Apr 25

from the Archives of The Ekphrastic Review—April 13, 2023!

These Throwback Thursday poems and flash fiction from The Ekphrastic Review archives take us through a transformation in place and space. They remind us that we cannot turn back to be who we were. We are gone. It would be like grasping at a shapeshifter. But this is not a dark place. If you’re like me, reading these ekphrastic pieces might make you might feel as if anything is possible, as if a trap door has opened and now is the chance to stretch it wide open. After reading them, I went outside. The wind picked up, a misty layer over Lake Michigan disappeared, and the sun came out, making everything clearly visible.


Tending (Blue), by Michelle Kraft

A flash fiction piece inspired by a photograph of a skyspace by James Turrell: “peering from the corner of her eye at the eternal blueness above”


Three Tanka After Monet, in Irish and English, by Gabriel Rosenstock

Three lovely tanka in translation on love and natural beauty.


Solace, by Laura Ann Reed

A poem inspired by a photograph of Water, by Naoko Fukumaru: “Tiptoes from shadow into light”


Lot's Wife, by Brendan Todt

The writer speaks to the artist Helen Frankenthaler in this flash fiction piece.


Mother With Two Children, by Erica Goss

A beautiful poem inspired by Mother With Two Children, by Egon Schiele: “I posed them flesh against flesh”


Threshold to Coyoacan Plaza, Mexico City, by Maia Elsner

Pass over the threshold between two places in time in this calligram inspired by a photograph.


On the Water, by Ashley Mabbitt

A mother-daughter relationship and an immediacy that drops us into a scene by a harbour.


One Viewer’s Response to J. Francis Criss’s Detroit, Waterfront, by Bill Waters

J. Francis Criss’s Detroit, Waterfront imagined in this poem where “streetlamp and freight crane

are children’s toys”

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