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  • Marjorie Robertson

Throwback Thursday!

These writings, inspired by breathtaking art, break through our distracted busyness and unbelieving to remind us of our ability to hear other living things communicating with us and with each other. Enjoy! ​ ** José of Lisbon, by Sarah Kilgallon The path is the way in this short, gorgeous piece: “But even that first night the path of stars never let him rest.” ** Manzanita, by Robert Walton With the phrases: “emerald wreathed fingers” and “its stolen treasure,” this poem is fascinating. ** House Behind the Trees, 1906-07, by Barbara Crooker This poem carries us all to “this house behind the blue trees” with joy and abandon. ** Thomas Hart Benton Shows Me Where to Stand at the Edge of the Field, by Sara Judy The title of this poem pulled me into the feelings of the poem. ** Under the Trees, by Marion Starling Boyer For the love and power of trees in this beautiful poem based on a painting by Edouard Vuillard: “muted beneath mature trees so content and well-behaved they reach decoratively to one another” ​

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