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The morning reading: Throwback Thursday at TER!

This week’s Throwback Thursday highlights the possibility of hope in darkness. Outside my window at dawn, it is late spring, birds are singing, and new, green life is all around. These select pieces of writing are like that. They begin with a touch of thoughtful melancholy and surprise us by giving us wings to fly away.

Espagnole: Harmonie en Blue, 1923, by Barbara Crooker

Lovely phrasing throughout this piece, such as: “Snippets come to me in birdsong, in gesture, in the dark wing of a stranger’s hair.”


Stevia, by Lorette C. Luzajic

I love the texture of this flash fiction piece. “There is a gold beacon, a seven tonne angel, high above the maze and urgency of city traffic.”


Leonard Leaving, by Tricia Marcella Cimera

Such a gentle rhythm to this gem of a poem inspired by an album cover.


Bird Call, by Monica Kaiser

I had to reread this poem for the lift it gave me. “…they were lit by the sunrise—a spray of sparks sowing the soil.”

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