Poetry for physical distancing: "Stars" by Louise Glück

I'm awake, I am in the world-- I expect no further assurance. No protection, no promise. Solace of the night sky, the hardly moving face of the clock. I'm alone--all my riches surround me. I have a bed, a room. I have a bed, a vase of flowers beside it. And a nightlight, a book. I'm awake; I am safe. The darkness like a shield, the dreams put off, maybe vanished forever. And the day-- the unsatisfying morning that says I am your future, here is your cargo of sorrow: Do you reject me? Do you mean to send me away because I am not full, in your word, because you see the black shape already implicit? I will never be banished, I am the light, your personal anguish and humiliation. Do you dare sen

    © 2015 by Marjorie Robertson