Travelogue: Western Oregon

Have you ever experienced a place as déjà-vu? As someplace you swear you’ve been at an earlier time? With a birthday approaching, I’ve been thinking more about aging, and not in the I’m-turning-thirty-ha-ha-I-can’t-believe-it-let’s-go-out kind of birthday. I mean realizing you’re in the just over 50 range that comes with invisibility, so they say. Other-worldliness, my favorite kind of epiphany, entered the room on a recent trip to Western Oregon. The scene: countryside between towns and small cities, sunshine and fluffy clouds, cool and damp winter days with bouts of rain. In my wandering, I happened into a store in Eugene called Mountain Rose Herb Mercantile. Within a moment, I had a sense

    © 2015 by Marjorie Robertson