Profile of a French Immersion Student in 1977

February 23, 2015 | by Marjorie Robertson In 1977 when I was eleven years old, I began studying French in an immersion program in the Milwaukee Public Schools. By that time, the school system already had a long-standing reputation for being progressive with integration, busing, a variety of specialty schools and now, foreign language immersion (French, Spanish and German). It was a Golden Age in Milwaukee schools. Students had to have good grades to be accepted into the second year of the program in the 6th grade at Fourth Street School (now called Golda Meir School), and the class had to be diverse. Half of the day would be spent speaking only French and using it to study language, reading,

Travelogue: Monterey Park, California

In Monterey Park, a predominately Chinese city in L.A. County, there is a diner. It is similar to a diner in my old Milwaukee neighborhood---the people coming and going, the popularity of its low-cost lunch and breakfast items, the college students, families and solo elderly people who populate the place. The enthusiastic owner oversees the operation, calling out greetings to regulars, directing servers to tables and calming wailing babies. He's missing a front tooth, which you don't see after the first view because his personality is large, his energy and joy are contagious. On the walls, framed photos of him smiling a closed smile with important people hang from the walls. A fish tank of k

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