The Daily Reading: Poetry by Louise Glück "The Sensual World"

On this summer day still full of promise—when our senses are on high, when we're holding the fall season at arms length, but teachers are preparing for their classes, kids are picking out binders and school supplies, summer clothing is on clearance, and the sun in the sky has shifted—we can turn to a poem about the sensual world from the collection, The Seven Ages. Enjoy! I call to you across a monstrous river or chasm to caution you, to prepare you. Earth will seduce you, slowly, imperceptibly, subtly, not to say with connivance. I was not prepared: I stood in my grandmother’s kitchen, holding out my glass. Stewed plums, stewed apricots– the juice poured off into the glass of ice. And th

    © 2015 by Marjorie Robertson