Diving into the past

After 60 years, Coca-Cola Co. is calling it quits for Tab soda. With that news, an image, a flavor, a scene, and a happy bittersweet feeling rush in. Did you feel it?


I have a memory of my mom sunbathing on the back porch slathered in Bain de Soleil, wearing a halter top and shorts, holding up a piece of cardboard covered with foil, and drinking a Tab soda.


Bain de Soleil for the St. Tropez tan, the iconic phrase from a commercial that my friends and I chanted, is not just an ad but a memory of smell, an orange gloss on skin, and piece of summertime.


Whatever the scientific explanation is, I don't know and I don't care because it's more than that. Just an ad? Nope. It's the sensory experiences: the flavor, the sugar and saccharine rush, and remembering a song on the radio from that era, the time of year, the friend, and the simple fun because we had fewer choices and distractions. It's us every day in every year and every decade. It's remembering who we were, how we identify ourselves, and how far we've come.


A 10-month long pandemic and the effects on us inside and out have left my friends from that era and me sometimes diving into a memory so powerful, we have to share it.


Nowadays, ads and images appear and disappear so quickly they are forgotten. No chance to form a multi-decades long memory of a full blown sensory experience. Can we have it when taking a digital pic multiple times until it's a perfect shot? Will we look back and remember the feelings? Maybe we will. Maybe we'll adapt. 


It's time to move on and make more memories. The rules: take your pick of memories but share it, keep making sacrifices and working hard, dive deep into your interests, don't take too much to heart, ignore a lot, put a record on and turn it up, and break rules in a way that takes us higher. Look! There's more to come.

October 17, 2020

    © 2015 by Marjorie Robertson